Reviewing your rental property: Is it giving you the best return for your investment?

BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY Is your rental giving you a good return on your investment? Is this return likely to continue in the future? Should you make some upgrades? Is it time to sell and buy a replacement property with more growth potential or earning capability? These are all questions any investor should be […]

11 steps to buying a home

  BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY If you’ve never bought a home or it has been a long, long time since you have done so, the process can seem overwhelming. What all needs to be done and when? Like any large task, the process can be broken down into manageable steps. Here are the basics: […]

The most important attributes of a rural property

BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY If you’re thinking of buying a rural property, there are many factors to consider that may not even cross your radar if you’ve only owned city residences. These attributes will affect how much you enjoy living at your rural property as well as how desirable it will be for resale. […]

Eight things to do before going house hunting

BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY It’s a seller’s market in Boulder County and the Front Range in general. As in the past few springs, we have more buyers than sellers, and the situation does not seem to be getting better–just the opposite. New properties on the market that are priced right are being put under […]

Beyond the basics: Features to consider when buying a home

  BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY If you’re planning on buying a home soon, you probably have a list of “must haves” and an idea of the general features you’re looking for in your perfect house. Most buyers want the obvious positive features: a good floor plan, nice finishes and a home that’s been well […]

The Bar K Ranch mountain community by Jamestown: A world away that isn’t far away

BY THE KL REALTY TEAM PHOTO CREDIT:Red Zen, For those who want to live in a peaceful mountain community away from the hustle and bustle of the front range but still be able to easily access nearby amenities, the Bar K Ranch is the perfect place to live. At a pleasant 8,600 feet of […]

Moving from the country to the city – what a buyer should consider

BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY Sure, you want a beautiful view and a serene setting. But if you’re thinking of escaping the density and noise of town for some peaceful country life with a little space, there are a number of other factors to consider when choosing a rural property. Paved roads verses dirt roads: […]

Why do Boulder County rural property prices vary so much?

BY KAREN LIBIN, KL REALTY If you’re looking in rural Boulder County to buy a house on a bit of property or for some land to build on, you may be baffled by the seemingly bizarre price ranges. How can two pieces of property, both about the same acreage, differentiate in price by 50 percent […]


Quick Links to Questions… Sales Tax… State Income Tax Colorado applies a flat tax rate to taxable income. Variables that affect taxable income include filing status, exclusions, and credits. Some these allowable credits include taxes paid to other states, earned income credit, and a child care or child tax credit. If you have […]