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MAIL STATUS – Sunday, Oct 27, 9PM

Mail domain name successfully updated!  Please change the password for your mail as previously instructed. If you forgot, call me Monday morning. – Peter

MAIL STATUS – Sunday, Oct 27, 7PM

- Domain name record has been updated.  Process takes anywhere from 1 – 12 hours depending on domain server propagation speed. I will be monitoring progress.

- I’ll be in the office Monday morning to configure Outlook and mobile mail.


You may also call Peter at 303-875-2015 or eMail –

Current Outlook and Mobile eMail settings should stay the same. HOWEVER PASSWORDS WILL CHANGE – this is a requirement for the new server.



For the most part, you will only need to change the password on your email client

– The new password is [add a "*" to the common KL password. Call me if you do not know]     (We have to have a symbol character for the new eMail host)

 By phone I can help you change the password – but feel free to try on your own:

Mobile device – go to SETTINGS – > MAIL to get to the password setting.

Outlook – 1) Click on the Inbox for KL Realty mail; 2) go to TOOLS – ACCOUNT SETTING; 3) Click on the line with the KL address; 4) Click on “CHANGE.  Screen will open to change the password.

ACCESS via Web Browser, if all else fails:

Before change over:

After Change over: