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Information For Sellers

KL Realty Sellers Guide

The KL Realty Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Boulder real estate market in the task of selling your home. Here’s how our experience will work for you:

Who We Are

The KL Realty Team brings over 22 years of experience in the Boulder real estate market to the task of selling your home. Here’s how that experience will work for you:

We Know How To Find Buyers

Over the years we have developed an outstanding reputation for dealing fairly and ethically with buyers, sellers and other industry professionals. This extensive network serves as an efficient conduit through which to reach potential buyers. We also generate prospects through our extensive marketing program.

We Are Skilled Negotiators

Most offers require a bit of mediation between buyer and seller before an acceptable contract is reached. The assistance of an experienced third party, familiar with the more specialized aspects of real estate, such as boundary disputes or water rights, is invaluable to the seller at this stage.

We Can Expedite The Transaction

Over time we have established positive working relationships with the most reputable local attorneys, appraisers, lenders, inspectors and title companies. This assists us in coordinating and resolving the numerous details that arise just prior to a successful closing.

We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction

Our services are paid from the closing after your home has sold for the price, terms and conditions agreed upon by you. Therefore we are committed to seeing this process through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Print Advertising

KL Realty is a highly competitive advertiser in the Boulder Real Estate market, delivering more advertising than many of the large local real estate offices. With in-house advertising staff, we are able to continually adjust our advertising plan, and make changes to get desired results.

are an effective way for us to promote your property in the Boulder community and others. A large percentage of our buyers are local, and we reach out to those potential buyers on a regular basis. Our newspaper publications include:

are a way for us to reach a target audience, such as luxury home buyers or equestrians. Magazine publications offer many options for tailoring our advertising plan to suit your property. Our magazine publications include:


As a unique part of our print advertising package, KL Realty develops a custom property brochure for each listing. This includes professional photography, descriptive writing, and a highly detailed list of property features. These elements are combined in a custom brochure layout, and printed in high resolution on quality stock. The brochures are made available at your property, at the KL Realty office, and direct-mailed to local real estate offices, interested buyers, and other relevant parties.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is another method employed by KL Realty to increase the exposure of your listing. It allows us to advertise to certain geographic locations, or target specific groups of people. Our direct mail pieces include: A “Just Listed” postcard, alerting relevant realtors and potential buyers to your newly listed property. A quarterly custom mail piece featuring our top listings, mailed to all homes in relevant zip codes.

Web Advertising

KL Realty realizes the vast potential of real estate advertising on the internet. In the last year alone we have increased traffic to our website by 150%. As a Google indexed site, we enjoy the advantage of having our site found first by relevant searches in Google and other popular search engines. We continue to advance our web marketing plan by strategically positioning our listings on sites that will be visited by specific types of buyers. We track our web statistics closely and make changes to better market each property. Each listing is placed in the Colorado Multiple Listing Service database. Access is exclusive to licensed realtors in the area. Each listing includes all important property information as well as photos, contact info, and a link to

Google Adwords

KL Realty’s website and your property are advertised with the best, most widely used search engine on the web: Google. KLRealty also employs a variety of internet marketing tools, from dynamic animated flash ads to interactive Google map ads, and we keep them running 24-7, 365 days a year, to get your property noticed. We also run and operate various other websites to get the maximum exposure for your property on the Web.

Search Engine Optimization

We want internet users and potential buyers to find your listing first and to find it easily. To accomplish this goal, we use search engine optimization and strategy to make our website and listings highly available in all the major search engines.