Caught with our Pants Down

I speak for myself and Texas here, but both parties were ill prepared for the Artic blast we have just experienced. In my case it was on account of pure slothfulness that had a pipe freeze, but fortunately we caught it before anything burst. Our sympathies go out to other souls who were less fortunate. Two days of water usage like most of the third world is subjected to every day was enough of a reminder to pay more attention next time. But still Colorado weather is misunderstood. Certainly, walking the dogs in sub-zero temperatures in a gentle but frigid breeze was excruciating, but the retrievers thought they were on the beach! Next day was well below freezing but with the sun out and no wind, it was really one of those magical Colorado winter days. Now 32 degrees feels balmy, but the reality is that we are not fully equipped to withstand those freak conditions.