Service in a Service-based Economy

The service industry now makes up 70% of the US economy.  Why, then, are some of the services so poor when some are so good? In the latter category I would include the likes of and Amazon. In the abysmal class, a recent Saturday morning experience illustrates a problem common to the mega-conglomerates that seem to operate a business model that makes a lot of money without having to provide a service.


Here is how it went down. Our Century Link service was running at near dial-up speed so, having the time, I called to see what we could do about it. They do not take calls outside of regular business hours. Moving on, I chose to follow up with Verizon who owe us a credit for a replacement device we bought outright.  They, too, offered no service on the weekend. So, I moved on to Best Buy to inquire whether they could help with poor sound from a TV we purchased from them. Lo and behold, while the store was open they don’t take calls on a Saturday. Throw in the county offices only being open 4 days a week, and one has to wonder where we are headed, especially since when a connection is made, it is probably to the third world!