Why life in the country is better than life in the city


We here at KL Realty love our jobs. Recently, we were able to find a family their dream property. Moving from the city to the country is an exciting adventure, especially for children. We received a letter from one of the daughters in this family expressing her gratitude for what’s ahead. Here it is:


A warm and gentle breeze slowly passes as you ride down a dirt road. You’re silent, the only noises are the leaves chattering through the wind, and horses hooves going clomp, clomp, clomp down the road. The sky is turning pink, purple, and orange as the sun goes down. I think that it is better living in the county than in the city. In the country the sky seems bigger, and there is less development. It is so peaceful too! If you are active then you can run, skip or play in your many acres backyard!

In the country the air is fresher because
There’s barely
Any pollution. For starts:
There are less buildings
And the roads are dirt. There are also
More trees. Trees can help clean the air.

If you love animals it’s extra fun!
You can have lots because you
Have the space. Here’s some animals
You can have:

If you live on a farm, you have the
Option to make extra money by
Selling eggs. Top ten recommended breeds:

  1. hybrid
  2. rhode island red
  3. eghorn
  4. sussex
  5. plymouth rock
  6. ancona
  7. barnevelder
  8. Hambug
  9. marans
  10. buff orpington

(for more info about chickens go to www.thehappychickencoop.com)

This is why I think that life In the country is better than life in the city. So if you like some of these ideas then go to KL Realty and find yourself a great new home, where you can satisfy yourself with all the things that you want to spend the rest of your life with!