Improvements with Covid

Every cloud has a silver lining and if one digs deep enough, buried in the tragedies and calamities, there are aspects of life that have improved. Here are some of them.

– commuting. What used to be rush hour traffic is now tolerable
– CO emissions. They must be down
– car insurance. Rebates are being issued to some
– gyms. Much more pleasant for the members
– manners. People are generally more respectful than in ‘bc’ days
– better enjoyment of our homes and yards
– more time with pets
– learning more about our kids studies
– better and healthier cooking habits
– fewer colds
– shopping. Curbside and home delivery – what a concept
– home improvement. Many homeowners have taken the opportunity to catch up on deferred maintenance

Against all this, our hearts go out to the vulnerable businesses. Let’s hope they and their employees receive the help they need.