Medical Marvels

It is scary out there in the world of surgery.  Scary for those on the table, if only routine for the experts wielding the scalpels. Recently, two close acquaintances underwent major procedures only to be sent home the same day. Each was as groggy as a mortally wounded soldier but managed the stairs and came through the night with the aid of a scarce issue of painkillers. It is a revelation that modern medicine has come that far, but it was a little stressful for the caregivers. Equally amazing is the Covid vaccination program, now well underway.  To think that a year ago we had barely heard the word, and now there are already tested and proven vaccines out there and by May we all will be immune. From this bug at least.  The world sure could have used the technology in the Black Death pandemic where global deaths were somewhere between 75 and 200 million souls.  Now that must have been a scary time.