Restaurant Re-invention

Sadly, the Level Red public health order may have a serious impact on restaurants, especially if it becomes a drawn-out process. What, then, can restaurants do to re-invent themselves? While alcohol sales contribute much to the bottom line, perhaps the focus needs to be placed elsewhere in the short term. How about high-quality take outs, or delivery? Our family, for one, would welcome dishes of comfort food that would feed the family at least once and sustain being frozen for seconds. Lasagna, ratatouille, stew—pot pies, even. Superior packaging would be a plus. Do away with the common cheap polystyrene packaging in knotted, leaking plastic bags and swap it for something inexpensive but a little more presentable. Convert the kitchen to a food factory and save staffing costs (lamentably on their account), but do anything to survive. In recognition of the situation, we all should tip more generously.